Force placement of buildings with encroaching rock

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Unless you're mining out the entire underground, it's a common experience to try to place a building, but find that there's rock too close even though there's none in the building's actual footprint, because it needs an extra perimeter excavated. I suggest a hotkey to place the building ghost anyway in a "blocked" state, and automatically slate the encroaching rock for priority excavation. Only unblock the ghost and allow material delivery or construction after the excavation has finished. This could be added as a tech upgrade, and it could also go beyond mere convenience. At present, a lot of players just mine the entire underground into one big void. If this tech allowed preplacing buildings inside solid rock, with bespoke excavation, it could make for much more interesting-looking factory setups, burrowed out like a technological ant farm instead of just clearcutting everything.

Under consideration Suggested by: Eric Neiman Upvoted: 09 Apr Comments: 0

Comments: 0