Landing platforms - demolition and renaming

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We should be allowed to demolish our landing platforms, and relocate them. Additionally the ability to NAME each one, as some should have higher priority then others.
Seen here my original 3 ARE, forced to stay below where my original storage facility was, but I've upgraded and moved the sorting, storage to a different area and can not demo the old POORLY LOCATED landing platforms, and place them at the new location.
If someone says " Just build another landing platform"
Sure that can be done, but then when you are selecting WHICH landing platform to send out from, they ALL say generically "Landing Platform"
This is where the player can use their own terminology to identify the platform to their needs
As seen here ; I have 3 but can not choose which one, which may be better suited for sending different materials (eg. raw minerals > Platform Minerals, Metal and electronic Goods > Metal Elecronics Platform)

Planned Suggested by: Nemesis851 Upvoted: 10 Apr Comments: 0

Comments: 0