Ability to sort regolith

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Something like a building, which has 1 belt input and 2 outputs. You set it to filter out say iron. Say it has an accuracy of 80%, then the iron in the input will send 80% to the filtered output while non-iron will send 80% to the "garbage" output. With more concentrated regolith, the single refineries should be more efficient regarding speed and resource vs slag output, making them a valid alternative to multi regolith refineries.

I feel like it matches the spirit of the game in the sense that it pushes the player to be more creative in factory design rather than just placing a high end building. Since smelting works without them and techs can be used to increase the accuracy, it will fit in nicely with the tech tree approach to the game, making it a reasonable addon at multiple stages during the game. I'm thinking maybe single refineries having speed, power and/or construction cost bonuses and multi refineries.


Under consideration Suggested by: nightinggale Upvoted: 09 Mar Comments: 1

Comments: 1