When doing conveyors early, the incoming resource storage is really too big

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during the demo, i noticed a severe lack of titanium.

if i remember correctly, i had 1 extractor-single-refinery-smelter lines for titanium ore - but it seemed to be too little.

problem was that at the end i put a 512 storage, but on the way there, a rolling mill and components factory each ate around 50 titanium.

a smelter output is 3 per minute (right?) so even when having very very short conveyors, you would need >30 minutes before the titan ends up in storage.

i manually toggled priority on/off on the distributors but it was really inefficient (was reminded by the too-less-resources warning).

Suggestion: the input storage of a module can be lowered to the smallest amount that will make up one batch. (e.g. for smelters it is 3 iirc)

Done Suggested by: CluNello Upvoted: 09 Apr Comments: 2

Comments: 2